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Isabel Helen Farnum Scholarship

Susan Farnum, GRACE Board Member ran in the Cox Providence (RI) Marathon on May 12th, 2013 raising funds for the Isabel Helen Farnum Scholarship Fund in memory of her daughter Isabel who passed away on May 11, 2012.  Sue raised over $11,000 for this fund! 

Congratulations to Catherine Muth, the 1st recipient of the Isabel H. Farnum Scholarship!  Catherine is a childhood Leukemia survivor who is in her sophomore year of college in New England.  

Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and strangers, donations received for the scholarship in Isabel's memory this past year alone exceeded
$15,000 and will provide a scholarship for Catherine throughout her college career.

A message from Sue Farnum (April 21, 2013)

3 weeks until my race!
This morning's run- a 20 miler, the longest run of my 4 months of training prior to race day- couldn't have come at a better time.  I ran alone along the beautiful beaches on the RI shoreline, and for 3+ hours I thought about what a horrible, hard week it has been for America. My heart aches, along with the nation, for those in Bosotn who lost loved ones and for those injured on what should have been a day focused on celebration and accomplishments.  But during today's run, I choose to think most about the incredible goodness that we all saw in humanity after this horrific event.  Seeing this brought me right back to last year about this time when we were losing- and ultimately lost- our precious Isabel.  The outpouring of love and kindness and support my family received from family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers was overwhelming.  I will never forget the compassion and help we received, as it brought me through some of my darkest days.  This memory also reaffirms why I am beating up my body running so many miles and soliciting donations for this scholarship.  My family and I want to pass this kindness forward in the form of financial support for a cancer survivor who has/is overcoming an incredibly grueling challenge of their own.

Please consider donating to our scholarship in our daughter Isabel's memory to help a cancer survivor afford attending college. 


Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year for the scholarship.   ANY donation would be appreciated (maybe consider contributing $1-5 for every mile I run? Or $1 for each day of Isabel’s 65 days of life?).  You can donate through the secure PayPal link below, or mail your contribution to the address below.  


Isabel Helen Farnum Scholarship

c/o National GRACE Foundation

PO Box 631

E. Greenwich, RI 02818


Thanks in advance for all of your support,


P.S.  I hope to provide periodic updates on my training and fundraising progress.  If anyone is interested in joining me for a training run this spring, just let me know!

Please Click on the link below to donate!  Thank you!

Isabel Helen Farnum Scholarship

A message from Susan Farnum (Feb 23, 2013):

Other than the fact that February weather in RI has forced most of my runs indoors, my training is well underway.  I’m running about 20-25 miles a week now.  My longest run thus far was last weekend's 11 miler; luckily for me, this was on the flat, sunny roads of SW Florida while visiting my parents.  The scenery included an alligator in the distance sunning himself on a golf course- definitely a  variation from my usual view of our boiler and summer patio furniture jammed in our basement.

Other than occasional sore knees and muscles, physically I feel good.  During my weekend runs - which now are usually at least 2 hours long-  my thoughts always gravitate to the reason I'm running.  As Isabel's birthday approaches (March 7th), I think of the incredible fight she demonstrated immediately upon her birth at 2 lbs 2 oz.  I think of so many others we are assisting through the GRACE foundation who continue to face and fight their own health-related challenges.  It is at that point during my run I think, you know what?  My knees aren't bothering me quite as much as I thought.    

I continue to be buoyed by the constant - and unbelievably generous- support of friends and family, both near and far; those in our everyday lives and those we unfortunately do not see as much as we would like. 

The fundraising effort for the scholarship is well underway, so if you haven't already please consider a donation to Isabel's scholarship.  


A message from Susan Farnum (Jan 30, 2013):

My training has begun!  I am preparing to run the Cox Providence (RI) Marathon on May 12th, 2013.  During the upcoming months while I train for the race, I am raising money for a cause near and dear to my heart.


The timing of this marathon is of great significance:  this year the race falls on Mother’s Day, it is the day before I turn 40 (gulp!), and it is one day after the 1-year anniversary of the passing of our precious daughter Isabel.   Without a doubt it will be a physically and emotionally challenging weekend.


Although the physical aspect of preparing for a marathon is daunting (it has been a decade since I ran 26.2 miles, and I am certainly no speedster!), I have a focus that will help me achieve this goal~  I am raising money for a college scholarship that was created in Isabel’s name through the National GRACE Foundation.   This wonderful organization is one of which I have been happy to be a part of since its inception 2 years ago.   In memory of our Isabel, Dave and I invite you to consider donating to this scholarship created in Isabel's memory.  The eventual scholarship recipient will be a pediatric cancer survivor/fighter who is attending college.  Although cancer was not Isabel’s ‘story’, she indeed was a fighter and we are pleased that her name will be associated with something benefiting others.